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Dalat – 2 days 1 night

 As promised in the post about Seoul Vintage Flower Shop, this time I will show you guys about Dalat – a paradise of flower in Vietnam
About the city: A small and quiet city which you might spend only 2 days to explore whole city. There are 4 seasons in one day here. The morning, you will feel a bit cool of spring, then summer comes and you will be welcomed with autumn from 4pm. The weather, however, is always nice with the degree from 17 to 24. At night, it is time for winter. 

 If you guys have more time, it is a nice opportunity to walk around and learn about other things of this city, more than just flowers πŸ˜€ My last trip in Dalat was a business trip for 3 days then I spent my only one Sunday to enjoy the city.

About the flight: From Hanoi to Dalat, it is a more than 2 hours flight by Vietnam Airlines or Vietjet Air. And, one flight per day.

So I landed off at Friday night, heading to hotel for the Saturday meeting. Of course, you can walk out at about 8pm. Except the night market, the city is quiet and not much people went out at that time. This city is really for leisure only πŸ˜€

Dalat has the nice and big city hall. It has a big garden and open for public to get in. You guys can have a look there. City hall is right opposite the Saigon – Dalat hotel.

So here what you guys can do for a 2 days 1 night trip in Dalat

In Dalat, there are 2 famous valleys which are Golden Valley and Love Valley.

Golden Valley: It is nice, big and quite amazing for me. There is not many activities in here actually. Just walking around, exploring every corner of the valley with trees, flowers, small waterfalls so on. It is kind of back to nature journey

Love Valley: It is a kind of park for me. They have some activities like taking a train to explore all the valley instead of walking. They have pier so some can take a boat to enjoy the big lake.

The similar thing is a lot of flowers :d Anyway, I prefer the Golden Valley.

Flower Collection: On the way to Golden Valley, the tour will take you to a flower farm. You can directly buy flower from there. Big and fresh ones

Food: In Dalat, there are some famous things, including Dalat strawberry which is big and sweet and Dalat’s atiso which is used for cooking soup or tea. The fresh atiso could be cooked in a lot of soup for meal. And the dried atiso tea is exceptionally famous. Everyone asked me to buy back home this tea πŸ˜€ Also, Dalat has the avocado icecream but you must come in the right season of avocado

Coffee shops: Dalat is a highland place in Vietnam and highland places are so famous with coffee seed. Dalat is not an exception. Taste all kind of coffee you can while you are in this town. Check out more coffee shops through #nccdalat.

View from a coffee shop right next to Ho Xuan Huong lake

Entertainment: Dalat has live music lounges which perform Trinh Cong Son’s music every night. It is always busy and full booking so prebooking for a seat should be a good choice

A coffe shop on the way

Morning from my hotel view 

Dalat iconic πŸ™‚ 


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