Posted in Tokyo

Bigbang Special Event in Tokyo

It seems like I always have chance to enjoy my idols through wall🤷🏼‍♀️

Last time, I came to Seoul without knowing Song Joong Ki gonna have his fan meeting there

This time, I came to Tokyo and Bigbang hold their special fan meeting there too

Omg, news just came so late to buy any tickets. So I have to make decision like this: Still come to avenue and standing outside to hear sthing about the event lol

Right at the moment I got out the Tokyo dome station, omg, i heard If You singing by Bigbang! Its soo special feeling and you feel like touching them!

Then I went around the dome outside while listening the songs. They still have some shops selling Bigbang stuff like album, poster and I took some photos as memories

When I heard Fantastic Baby, I really did some moves! When Top back, when all of them back, I defo buy ticket to see them in person

I love Bigbang!!!!


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