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Kimono experience in Kyoto

Before going to Kyoto, we have already set a plan of renting Kimono and dressing like Japanese girls then walking around street.

There are so so many shops which offer kimono rental at various prices and different services like adding in hair styling, make up or just dressing.

We picked Kiyomizu – dera (Koyomizu temple) as a place to visit first and did have kimono rental there.

Where to have Kimono rental?

We came at about 4.30pm and a bit confused to figure out which kimono shop we should got in. After all, I strongly recommend you guys Yume Kyoto. They are big, have a lot of styles, hair doing fast and cute. They have good price for us because we came in late like 5pm when they would close the shop at 6pm lol.

We all are a bit rushed but the shop was really nice for serving us, taking photos for us and even wait for us to go back because we could not make the trip walking in only half an hour lol

They help you make up, hair do and dressing

You guys should really try it. They dressed kinomo for us. Oh my god, it feels like wrapping 9 layers of cloth on you in the summer, you somehow find it hard to breath haha. Of course, when you look at yourself in mirror, you look like a different one. One thing to remember, pick for yourself the coloful one ^^

It is so worth to having this experience when you are in Kyoto ^^ Dressing like geisha and walking around street 👘