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Bigbang Special Event in Tokyo

It seems like I always have chance to enjoy my idols through wallπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Last time, I came to Seoul without knowing Song Joong Ki gonna have his fan meeting there

This time, I came to Tokyo and Bigbang hold their special fan meeting there too

Omg, news just came so late to buy any tickets. So I have to make decision like this: Still come to avenue and standing outside to hear sthing about the event lol

Right at the moment I got out the Tokyo dome station, omg, i heard If You singing by Bigbang! Its soo special feeling and you feel like touching them!

Then I went around the dome outside while listening the songs. They still have some shops selling Bigbang stuff like album, poster and I took some photos as memories

When I heard Fantastic Baby, I really did some moves! When Top back, when all of them back, I defo buy ticket to see them in person

I love Bigbang!!!!

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Tokyo – Railpass, Wifi, and let’s go πŸŽŠ

Hi guys, I’m back! Its been months to take a new trip after my Seoul traveling πŸ™‚

Tokyo came up so unexpectedly because we got the best deal for tickets. The return one costs only $500, 47 kgs baggages of Vietnam Airlines ^^

What you need to preprare before coming to Japan:

– JR railpass: If you do travel via cities, not staying only in Tokyo, you defo to buy this pass. It costs like $260 for a 7 day rail pass. You guys can buy it from Kkday which provides many other useful things. 

– Wifi pocket: Im so happy with the promotion got from Kkday. I bought 3 railpasses which is more than $700, so we got the wifi pocket at only $1 for 7 days ^^ wifi pocket is picked up and returned in Japan airport. The network is strong, 10 devices connect at the same time and battery is enough for use 10 continuous hours

– Hotel: A lot of ppl told me to search on airbnb. I did. But I finally choose Agoda. They had many good deals and hotel is always located better than accomodication.  Near station is a must have, else you hardly to find the way in Japan haha. Stay in Ginza, Shibuya and Shinjuku will be good.

Once you are in Tokyo, you need to find way to go to Tokyo centre first. 

– Exchange JR railpass: We arrived in Narita airport, went down one floor to exchange your JR railpass at Jr office (only work from 8am) or they will show you another place to exchange if you come not in working hour of Jr office. You should buy your Narita Express ticket and book the seat for yourself. Just tell the officer you want to book seats, they will do for you. The train will take you to Tokyo station then you keep using your jr pass via Jr trains (many)

– Pick up your wifi pocket: kkday sent you a map to show you where to pickup! Dont worry πŸ™‚ once received, start using it to find the way back to city centre ^^

– For those only stay in Tokyo, you guys should buy 24 hours, 48 hours and 72 hours ticket by tokyo metro to go around Tokyo by metro. It works. The thing is where to buy. It took us time to figure out that only Bic Camera sells these things! So no matter where you stop at like Tokyo station, Shibuya station or Shinjuku station, find Bic Camera for yourself and ask them for the ticket ^^